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About us

Hangzhou Hecai Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd.  was founded as Zhejiang Xiaoshan Pigment Chemical Factory, is one of the largest and earliest enterprises in Zhejiang province with the pigment. It is defined as the production development base by Zhejiang province petrochemical Institute. It is the founder and pioneer of "Xiaoshan Pigment Enjoy High Reputation in China & March To the World". Our Company is one of the advanced units among Zhejiang Province Chemical Industry, one of the Civilized Units of Hangzhou City.

With the cooperation and directions from colleges and institutes, through 20 years of hard research and development, we have formed a production system of four major categories (Inorganic Pigment, Organic Pigment, Dye, and Chemical Intermediate) and over 60 kinds of products. Especially, we are one of the biggest manufacture in China for Milori blue, Prussic blue, Brilliant Blue, A103 Iron Blue, Pigment orange 5, and Pigment red 170 series. Milori Blue is export to west Europe and used in solvent ink. We are the inventor of non-toxic PVC co-stabilizer DBM, SBM and OBM in China, and these three products are widely used in ink, paint, plastic, leather, art pigment, printing paste, cable and food grade plastic industry, etc. Now, our products are well sold in Japan, USA, EU and Southeast Asia, etc.


Our company is located in the famous Qianjiang Tide-Watching scenic spot, only 5km away from both the Huhang Highway and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. It is separated with Hangzhou City only by the Qiantang River. So our company enjoys developed transport facilities. We warmly welcome our old and new customers to visit our company and make better tomorrow together!